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The dancing logmen bandana does not bear the log mark of a particular logging company, but instead celebrates the men who harvested millions of trees in the North Woods of Michican, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. To provide these hardy men sufficient energy they were ordinarily fed four meals a day. Alcohol was prohibited in the spartan, remote, company owned logging camps. Most loggers in the late 1800's stayed in camp from the start of the cutting season until the spring thaw, when they received their pay for the entire season. Payday meant a trip to the small towns that popped up near logging camps. The strict rules about alcohol, gambling and women that applied in camp were notably absent in the towns. 

Dancing Loggers Bandana

SKU: 364115376135191
  • This bandana was individually screen printed for a one-of-a-kind piece using 100% double washed cotton. Made in the USA of imported fabric.

    22" x 22"

    Machine wash cold. Avoid bleach. 100% cotton.

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